Learn the back room secrets to the hiring process..

Resumes You Can Count OnYour future job demands you not only know how to create the best resume but you know the best job search strategy!

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This program is your ticket to putting your job search on the right track.

First, this program starts with the basics: A rock solid Job Search Strategy. It's not enough to create a resume, you have to make a battle plan that will focus you and make your job search easy and effective.

Pulling together your resume without a Job Search Strategy is like boating without a sail – you’ll go nowhere. Once you have that strategy you can concentrate all your efforts in the right direction making your resume even more powerful.

But that’s not enough…

Do you know what goes on behind the scenes in the hiring process? Do you know how to tap into the right people the right way with your resume? Most people don't. That’s why I'm sharing little known information so you know exactly what your next move is all the way through your job search

"Resumes You Can Count On by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a one-stop, easy to read ebook full of practical, relevant guidance. It takes into account our current challenges in communicating about ourselves in the job search process (technology & economy), helping people create not only a resume, but a plan of action.  Dorothy's straightforward style and  insider information make this a staple for your search library." - Aubrie De Clerck, Expert Career Coach Coaching for Clarity, Lee Hecht Harrison

With Resume's You Can Count On you get: Ebook Resume’s You Can Count On PLUS Recording of Teleseminar: Painless Resume Creation, Fifteen No Nonsense Tips For Creating A Killer Resume PLUS the transcript, you'll learn:

  • What the real purpose of a resume is
  • The hiring managers job, how they manage a hiring process, where the pitfalls are and what to do about it
  • The role of HR and how to work with them to your benefit
  • 15 tips that will make your resume great, easy to write and to be found!
  • Insider information on how a resume is handled, used and selected that make the 15 tips valuable
  • What the KEY critical piece of information is in your resume that you never want to leave out
  • How to create a resume so it can be found!
  • Functional and Chronological formats: what they are, how to write them and when to use them
  • BONUS! Cover letter insights: when to create them, how to create them and how they are handled

"Dorothy’s new e-book takes the mystery out of resume writing and clearly describes how to bring it to life for a hiring manager. Employers will love this new e-book because it contains all the elements they want to see in a job candidate’s resume. It should be a must-read for anyone looking for a job or contemplating their next career move. This e-book is a comprehensive analysis of the hiring process and the role your resume plays in that process. But most importantly, it will give you a competitive advantage in a competitive job market." Gary Hubka, Former Intel Global Staffing and Recruitment Manager.

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