Discover How to Crystallize Your Career Direction So You Start Making that Shift To Doing What You Love with Greater Security, Confidence and Peace of Mind.


Career Changers ProgramDear Career Changer,

Your career should be like a GPS system. It takes you where you want to go in the fastest and easiest way possible, and if you veer off course, even ever so slightly, it makes automatic adjustments to get you back on track.

Unfortunately for most people in the working world they don't have a career GPS system. They go with the flow, taking a job that doesn't fit their passion, and are left wondering what went wrong, and where they veered off course in their lives.

And that's where they stay, stuck in a job that doesn't fit, until they retire or are laid off.But you're different, because you're a career changer.

You have mustered up the courage to start actively searching or at least start thinking seriously about taking that next step to another more suitable career for you.

But there are some roadblocks ahead:

You don't think you can afford it. You have no idea about what you would do next. You're worried about the unknown. These are quite common, and it's ok to be uncertain about what you want to do "when you grow up" no matter what age you are. Why is it ok? Because, frankly, we were never given an instruction manual that told us how to go about making a decision that is so important to our happiness in life.

That is, until now…

I have a solution for you that I'd like to share with you. This solution will really help you where you need it the most – in your wallet and your career direction. I speak with all sorts of people in the same boat. They have all kinds of reasons for not taking that first step. Mostly they just don't know how to go about identifying work that would be better than what they are doing today. It's the "devil you know versus the one you don't."

Making a decision about your career doesn't have to be like stepping off a cliff.

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Introducing the Career Makeover Program for Career Changers

You're a special breed, part of a rogue group of renegades who want more out of life and are not afraid to go after it. You're not quite at the point of grabbing a beer and jumping down the emergency chute of a plane like that flight attendant did recently (now there's a radical career changer!), but every precious day you remain stuck in a job that doesn't fit is a day that is squandered. Here you'll get the best of my career coaching, a place to get started, a process that will give you confidence about moving forward, help for when you need it and expertise to guide you successfully toward your goal.

This is One Program You Can Attend From Home

The Career Makeover Program for Career Changers is so convenient because everything is virtual. Just take a look at what you get, all from the comfort of your home:

  • A weekly 90 minute phone coaching Program with the other group members to help you with your career change challenges and give you and the other members some solid solutions you can take and run with
  • A Career Change Strategy of the Week phone session – you will be privy to an easy step-by-step strategy that will give you the confidence you've been looking for so you'll always know what you're doing – no more wasting your time!
  • Recordings of all materials, so you can replay or catch up if you're away – if you can't be there, you get all this valuable information at your convenience.
  • A private online community where you can interact with the other career changers, as well as have unlimited access to all the materials, resources, sharing and support you ever wanted, as you harness the power of this incredible support system.
  • Unlimited email contact with me as your coach to help you – review of your materials, valuable, timely feedback from someone who knows what to look for.
  • Two (2!) private one on one coaching sessions with me, covering whatever topics or feedback you choose.


Here's what you'll discover as a Member:

The secret vault to YOU! Finding your passion and translating that into REAL world careers.

Discovering your values, skills & interests that are vital to this next step in your career.

The proven ways to build your self confidence in everything you do in life.

The development of a customized, tailor-made career change plan.

The availability of a veteran career change coach to keep you on track.

The personal support and motivation you may be lacking at this transitional time of your life.

The creation of a clearly articulated personal branding strategy.

We'll meet once a week for 8 weeks, over the phone. Each session will give you a clear outline and action plan for education and discussion.

Being a career changer involves embarking on a journey a self discovery and then transforming it into real results that you live with and thrive from every day.

"Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a gifted individual who is qualified to advise and assist you with positive movement forward in your life. I enlisted in Dorothy's teleconference and coaching session and discovered though her that I had a career direction that I had been dreaming about but had built a fortress of reasons why I could not move forward. Dorothy listened to my situation with professional insight and helped me to understand that I could overcome the barriers and achieve my vision. Today I am living the dream. I highly recommend Dorothy to assist you in the same way. Your situation may differ from mine but I assure you that you will benefit by this gifted individual. She has brought positive change and great happiness to me and my family. Thank you Dorothy." Dennis Cloutier

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No obligation and no risk! For $50 down, you can "try out" the first session of the Career Makeover Program. If you aren't convinced that you will get real value or if this just isn't right for you – I will give your money back.

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You'll be part of a vibrant community of courageous career changers who have become invigorated by the prospect of having a new lease on life.


Your one-time investment is just $497.

Consider how much more growth potential you'll have with this information.

Consider how much happier you'll be when you land the perfect job.

Consider the better jobs you'll get in the future when you have this knowledge to access any time you want.

At the end of the 8 week Program you'll continue your membership as a CMC Alumnus, where, for $25/month, we'll have monthly meetings for ongoing support and sharing, and constant access to the online forum so you can keep tabs on your fellow members, and watch as new members come in with new questions and new ideas.

The Career Makeover Program for Career Changers is your port in the storm. You don't have to do anything alone anymore. You don't have to live a double life, pretending to be happy at work and desperately pouring over the want ads and job websites at home.

So if you're ready to change careers, I mean REALLY READY, then this is your day to start thinking big and acting bigger.


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